Before and After: “Taking it to Another Level-the Story of Paul Beyer”

Posted in Uncategorized | on September 7, 2016

Paul said he had a true awakening one fateful day in August of 2012. He went to the doctor on the 15th of August and weighed in at a shocking 369.69 lbs. Paul says he will never forget that number, nor the ride to work that day as he had a true epiphany of what he had to do: it was a choice between living life or giving up. At that time, he knew he had to make huge changes or he wouldn’t be around to make the changes. On August 16, 2012, Paul began his journey to lose weight and the path to healthy living. He didn’t just have to diet, he had to battle obstacles such as sclerosis of the liver and other medical blocks that came with being overweight. It was through the support of his loved ones and the sheer will to push himself even harder that he is now approaching one of his biggest goals yet. On November 12, 2016, Paul is about to walk on stage for his very first bodybuilding competition! Four years of perseverance has led him to achieve countless fitness goals and this is another milestone marking his success to date. We will be looking forward to watching Paul hit the stage for the first time at the USBF show on November 12, 2016 in York, PA. Congratulations to Paul. He is a huge inspiration! 14224956_1103324993048806_4508999069951722838_n