Another good showing by Team Atlas at the USBF Fort Meade show! Allison and Nicole did a great job competing in the Women’s Figure division.

From figure to bodybuilding programs, Team Atlas offers it all!

Mike Turkin is a veteran competition coach and certified personal trainer. Mike specializes in  strength training and nutritional needs for optimum competition conditioning. He has been a figure and bodybuilding coach for over 15 years and is well known in the competition circuit.

In 2005, Mike opened Atlas Personal Trainers offering a one-on-one training studio for people who who want help getting fit and losing weight. For people who wanted to take their training to the next level, Mike developed TEAM ATLAS for both males and females who wanted to compete in bodybuilding and figure competitions.

What do you gain by joining Team Atlas?

In her very first show, Amy Wells competed in the USBF Pro/Am show and received her pro-card by winning the Open division, and then winning the Over All! Amy is a hard working kindergarten teacher and still has enough time to put into her intense training program. Amy, at the age of 48, came into this show with under 6% body fat and at 112lb. Great job, Amy! You are an inspiration to all women, especially those over the age of 40.

Team Atlas is a “one stop shop” for men and women who want to compete and take their training to the next level. We offer, either in-house or through the use of local businesses, all of the services that a competitor needs in order to be fully prepared for a competition. These services include:

  • Your Team Atlas Coach will create a monthly strength training program that includes 5-6 day a week workouts that are emailed to the client. The strength training programs include weight training description, repetitions, and starting weights. The client will complete the training record and bring this to the weekly meeting with the coach.
  • Your Team Atlas Coach will create a monthly nutritional program that includes 7 day a week meal planning that is emailed to the client. Meal plans are customized to the client’s dietary needs. The client will complete the meal plans with notes and comments and brings this to the monthly meeting with the coach.
  • Nutritional supplements are available for purchase onsite at Atlas Personal Trainers and Fitness Center.
  • Your Team Atlas Coach will teach posing positions for the posing requirements of each competition: OCB, NPC, or USBF. Your Team Atlas Coach will assist you in selecting music and creating a choreography routine that matches the client’s personality.
  • Your Team Atlas Coach works with a local suit designer who makes custom competition suits. Your Team Atlas Coach will assist with fitting recommendations and color selection.
  • Your Team Atlas Coach works with a local spray tanning salon, Got-Tan. Got-Tan has many years of experience providing figure and bodybuilding competitors with a competition spray tan. Your Team Atlas Coach will provide tanning touchups onsite at the competition if needed.
  • Your Team Atlas Coach works with a local hair and makeup salon, Hair by Chantal. Hair by Chantal provides competition hair styles and makeup. Your Team Atlas Coach will provide hair and makeup touchups onsite at the competition if needed.
  • On the day of the show, your Team Atlas Coach will attend the coach’s meeting; go over the competition rules, regulations or show changes with the client; apply touch up tan or makeup; guide pre-competition pump up workouts; provide backstage guidance; and cheer you on to victory.
Before and After: Team Atlas helped take her fitness to the next level

Before and After: Team Atlas helped take her fitness to the next level

The Team Atlas Programs include:

  • Female Figure & Physique Competition Preparation
  • Male Bodybuilding & Physique Competition Preparation
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Individual Posing
  • Group Posing
  • Individual Personal Training

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Above is from the USBF Battle of York show in June of 2016. This was Angela Valcin’s first bodybuilding show and she placed FIRST in Women’s Open, Women’s 35 and over, AND women’s Novice! (Angela is in the blue suit.) She also stepped her game by competing in the OCB Show in October of 2016, placing second in the All Around. (OCB is a larger natural bodybuilding organization.) Angela trains Six days a week and puts a lot of time into her preparation for a show. Good luck to her in the upcoming season!
USBF is a Natural Bodybuilding Organization that hosts four to five shows a year in the Pennsylvania and Maryland area.


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Team Atlas made a good showing at the USBF Battle of York in York, Pennsylvania. Both Joe and Ron placed in the top five of their categories in the Bodybuilding division.

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