BodybuildingBaltimoreLet’s face it. We all can work out, pump iron, exercise, but do you really know how to get into a competition or become competition ready? If you are already a competitor and haven’t placed yet, maybe it is because you don’t know exactly what the judges are looking for in a bodybuilding or figure show.

Muscle tone in key areas is very important to the bodybuilder and the figure girl. The truth is a lack of muscle tone can make or break you in some key areas. Most of the public doesn’t know that judges look at many factors including your overall muscle tone and physique. One small muscle area that you could be lacking that your competitor has nicely displayed may have just cost you placement. What is even worse, if you had the muscle tone but just weren’t posing properly!

Do you know how to walk, how to pose, how to stand and how to put your best food forward on judgement day?

Did you know that your suit can be unflattering if not chosen properly?
Did you know that the best tan makes you seem flawless?
Did you know that you can have the best muscle tone ever but a bad pose won’t show all your best qualities?

I offer packages to help guide you throw the show. Why should you listen to me ? I’ve participated in OCB and USBF shows, hob knobbed with judges, and run my own USBF show. I’ve trained people who have gone off and won big money prizes. I don’t work with a lot of clients at one time, which means you get more individualized coaching, development and training. You can do this and I can help you.

Call me and let’s discuss.
Mike Turkin